Hi, I’m Faye Brown (surprise!) and I am a designer, animator and branding geek from the UK. I also teach design and branding classes on Skillshare. Since I was a teenager I knew I wanted to be a graphic designer, ok I also wanted to be a songwriter but I’m no Adele! so I stuck to what I was best at and got a degree in Graphic Design. And I’m one of those smug people who can truly say they love their job.

I thrive on helping individuals, small business or start ups with their branding and visual identity. And I love seeing those companies grow and develop. I work very closely with my clients and like to build long-lasting relationships. Many of my clients I’ve worked with for 5 years or more.

For the first 10 years of my career I worked in Soho, London for the hive, VTR, Liquid TV and Prime Focus as a motion graphics designer. My clients included BBC, The Discovery Channel and O2. I then went freelance and worked for ITV quite regularly among others. Since having a family I tend to work closer to home and I’ve moved into a lot more branding and illustration work.

In 2012 I published my first class on the online teaching platform Skillshare. I now have over 15 classes on there on subjects ranging from typography, creativity to freelancing tips. I am one of their top teachers and really enjoy seeing my students projects and giving feedback.


I’ve been lucky over the years to have been featured in books, industry magazines and won a respected design award. Here is a small selection of my work in print!



My handwriting appeared in the book Designing Typefaces by David Earls, published by Rotovision. David was a good friend and colleague and decided to feature my handwriting in the Type Tutorial chapter to show readers a step by step guide on how to create a typeface. He named it No Red Food based on my fussy eating habits!



During the final year of my graphic design degree I entered the national D&AD student awards to rebrand the London Fire Brigade. My design came second in the category and ignited (excuse the pun!) my love for branding.



Transport for London held a design competition to design a poster encouraging people to venture to the greener areas of London like Richmond, Ealing and Barnet. The poster needed to grab commuters attention within seconds. I thought a funny twist would be to show a variety of green belts making people look and read on.

The poster made the final 20 and was exhibited in the London Transport Museum during The London Design Festival.